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We interrupt this program to bring you Salida, Colorado

We interrupt this program to bring you... I know I said I would update you about my new inspirational creative space at Pendleton Art Center, Studio 411 in downtown Cincinnati, but  I also told you I wander. So first I have to travel to my other home and home state, Colorado. I’m headed there for The Colorado Creative Industries Summit! 

As an artist I spend a lot of time alone so I make it a point to attend summits, conferences, retreats and such in my field. Not only do I grow as an artist and creative business person I also get to meet up with my peers and laugh, learn, collaborate and celebrate creativity with them. The travel is not bad either. Any time I can expand my network and my mind I do it! Colorado Creative Industries is a division of the Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade. It is so great to have a state that recognizes the energy and potential of their creatives. They strive to identify and implement creative activities that will advance Colorado economically, enhance education and improve quality of life through the arts. Yea Colorado!!!!! 
The Colorado Creative Industries Summit is being held in Salida, Co this year. The Summit brings together over 300 creatives from Colorado to connect for development and networking. I personally will be rebuilding my presence as a Native Colorado Artist and thinking of how and who I can collaborate with during 2014. 

Be an artist that is active and involved - amazing things happen when creatives come together. There is room for everyone so if your afraid your competition will find out all your secrets you have not yet learned the benefits of being in the artist tribe. When we give we get. Be active in your local and national art communities. You can do it online if you can not travel. Here are some resources. 
Google “art councils” or “arts organizations” or “artist guilds” in your area. Look for creative MeetUps and Facebook Groups

Artists get involved in your local/national groups, Meetup groups online and creative Facebook Groups.

Salida, Colorado is a Rocky Mountain town in the Upper Arkansas River Valley. If you want a REAL Colorado Mountain town experience - come to Salida. This mountain  paradise is about 2hours and 45 minutes from Denver and the Arkansas River runs right through the town! Salida is located in the inspiring Rocky Mountains and is designated as a Colorado Creative District by Colorado Creative Industries making it a hip and creative destination for  Art lovers and Outdoor Enthusiasts.

 My Summit is being held in a converted steam power plant -the oldest part of the building dates to 1887 (old for Colorado buildings). Now it houses, a theatre, art galleries, sculpture garden and an event center. One my favorite things to do in Salida is to discover the shops, eateries and galleries and spend time talking to the friendly, locals. I spent a lovely lunch at Amicas, it is a bar/eatery with Italian tavern food like wood fired pizza and a really great turkey panini with a fresh side salad. I bellied up to the bar and spoke with a local glass  artist, Sarah, who told me to get to Walmart, buy a swimsuit and hit one of the many hot springs in the area. I found out about Amicas because the folks over at Spirit Mountain Antler & Log, a furniture and home, store suggested it . Spirit Mountain has a cool name and they make inlaid wood furniture -amazing works of art. The people here were open and we had a real and warm conversation that I appreciated - I’m sure they appreciated the $$$ I spent! (my husband did not) 

Salida is an idyllic mountain town. It's main street is lined with Colorado red brick victorian buildings that I love love love. If you come -  be inspired by all you see. You will want to take pictures of the architecture, nature and the authentic characters you run across in this true Rocky Mountain town. 

If you have come to Salida to PLAY, you will not be disappointed. You can zip-line at at Captain Zip-line Aerial Adventure Park. Climb a Colorado 14er - there are more than  a dozen 14,000 foot tall mountain peaks in the area. You can explore ghost towns and mining camps, Whitewater Raft or kayak on some of the most respected waters in the world. The Arkansas River is also great for fishing. Monarch Ski Area is 18 miles West of Salida and local Snowmobile and ATV Rentals make having fun easy! There really is so many outdoor things to do, it is endless. 

Share with us what organizations or events you attend and how you do or plan to connect with your fellow creatives. Share any conferences, retreats or talks you have attended online or in person. If you know of a special place in Salida, Colorado share with us!
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