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 This entire week has been moving into the new studio space at Pendleton Art Center, Studio 411 in Cincinnati, Oh. I have come home completely wiped out every night. I love a physical hard day of work. I feel most satisfied when I have spent all my physical and creative energy and I fall into bed begging for a good nights sleep. My studio practice has always been physical. Working with metal is heavy, dirty work - just like I like it. I cant wait to stop all this moving and get back to my heavy metal work! Rock on.  

Energy Check

To open the channels of flow you should align your creative work with your body/minds energy clock. Track your high energy times during the day. Mine are early in the day between 9am-2pm. I wake up between 6-7 and slowly welcome the day then I’m off. I always try and schedule my studio time during my high energy time when my mind is sharp and my body up to the challenge. I also know that I do my best creative work in 1 1/2 to 2 hour blocks -then I need a break - sometimes I go for a walk or just get outside for 15min. After the break I go back to creating for another 1 1/2 - 2 hour block. Spend a week really analyzing your high and low energy times and creative times. Use those high times to do your creative work and your low times to do those other tasks like marketing, social media, show entries, laundry etc. Match your  energy level with your desired work flow.


Spring is such a high energy time for Mother Nature. It is earths creative time.  Take a moment to explore those places you pass everyday. Today I took a walk in the woods behind my house and focused on the signs of spring and the changes that winter made on the landscape. It was fascinating when I allowed myself to treat my backyard like some great adventure. So I challenge you to travel a familiar path this week and rediscover the wonder of the everyday. This world is forever changing bring new adventure and discoveries to old places.


I want to hear about your travel on a familiar path - signs of spring - changes and discoveries. Also, when is your Energy Time - are you super charged in the morning, like me? Are you a night owl creating your best work under the moon? 

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