Monday, September 30, 2013

All About the Artist on the Loose

Artist on the Loose is about the creative life and travels of an Artist. You will find tips about being an artist and travel ideas for the art lover. Please interact with me by leaving comments and stories at the end of my blog posts, like me on FB, Twitter and Pinterest or drop me an email at

Here is a bit about me. I promote empowerment through creativity. I am a metal and multi-media sculptor. I combine my painting and sculpture background to produce relevant work that speaks about empowerment of the individual and community.  I am a native of Denver, Colorado, and currently live in Colorado and Ohio. I established Pattie Byron Studios for my work in metal and other mediums, and for the past several years I have  maintained a studio at the Pendleton Art Center - Studio 411. My industrial studio is in Fairfield, Oh. I also hold Art Workshops, Retreats and Interactive Lectures in my Pendleton studio and at outside locations.  I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Drawing, Painting and Sculpture and a Minor in Art History. I am passionate about Art and love sharing and lifting people up through my creativity.