Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sensational Cincinaturally

Title: Sensational Cincinaturally
©2015 Pattie Byron
Photo by R. Lindeman 

One of my favorite things to do is run through the woods in and around Cincinnati. On my runs my imagination also runs wild! My sculpture, Sensational Cincinnaturally pays tribute to nature and my imagination. 
I have created a whimsical repurposed and recycled sculpture, using scrap from River Metal Recycling in Newport, KY.
 This sculpture should take you on a journey all the way around it where you will discover creatures, flowers, and plants. 
Play a little Eye-Spy. Do you see two shovels? Four butterflies? A kitchen whisk? Oh my, a slithering snake!, What about about a float ball? (yes, like the ones in our toilet bowls!) Smile, discover and imagine your running through a fantastical forest with me. A little teapot captures recycled rain water and feeds a pot where you can plant a flower!  A fish pays homage to our Great Ohio River that boarders Cincinnati. 
As an artist I am on a mission to empower through creativity, Nature, my imagination and Art is empowering to me. I create Art for public & private spaces using a variety of metals. 
For this sculpture I used ONLY what I found at the scrap yard. I added some weld wire, a dab of epoxy and I powered coated the finished piece. I cut using a plasma touch, welded, & engraved. I added texture by grinding the metal & then heated and powder coated the sculpture to finish it off. 
I hope Sensational Cincinnaturally empowers you to appreciate the nature right here in Cincinnati. It is important we care for our earth and all it gives us. Nature Empowers! Go get your nature on!

Please see photos of my work and process on my website. www.pattiebyron.com.
This artwork will be displayed at The Cincinnati Earth Day Celebration 2015 at Sawyer Point on April 18, 2015 from 12pm to 5pm Find more info HERE

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