Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Lesson in Just Being

Initial pendent sold last night when
I just showed up
A Lesson in Just Being Last night I rushed into my studio for the Final Friday art walk a little frustrated. I was late, traffic was bad, and I didn’t get to run home & change like I wanted to.

I took a deep breath and repeated my mom’s favorite quote “It’s a great life if you don’t weaken” -John Buchan. I told myself, “I am here, that is all that needs to be.”

It ended up being a magical night with a great crowd, stimulating conversation, new connections and sales.

I met a women who was looking at my space as much as my art. I introduced myself and she began talking about how she would love to have the space & time to explore her creative side. 
I simply told her, “Why not? That is what all of us are doing here”. 
Just like my night, it doesn’t have to be complicated, or a big show or fancy clothes, just be, just show up.
I also connected with a life coach & we plan to work on some Empowerment Camps/Retreats together - I am so glad I showed up last night!
 I will be hosting some Open Studios on the Saturdays after Final Friday this year where people can just show up (pay $5.00) and create, share, express and be a part of a creative community. I will set out all kinds of art supplies add in some snacks & drinks and let people create - I will keep it cheap ($5.00) and keep it simple. If your interested in this idea send me an email and I will keep you on the list -

Sometimes we make the simple complicated. Don’t fret over the details….. just show up and be present and open to possibilities. I think my dressed down attire and attitude made me more open and because of that I had really great conversations about art, politics, politics & art, creative communities and I also made some terrific connections. I sold a piece of art, a piece of jewelry & was commissioned for 6 more jewelry pieces! 
Sometimes the motivation is not there. I encourage you to show up anyway…come as you are…. the rest will just happen

Please pass on my idea about Open Studios and have people email me - I need to know there is some interest before I do it!! My email is

Thanks for letting me into your world
visit me at

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