Monday, March 10, 2014

Flight or Fight

©2012 flight, pattie byron

My passion is creating Art that empowers communities and individuals. I use form, image, interactive elements and community outreach to inform and inspire with my Art. The new series is Flight or Fight.  Fight or Flight is the bodies neurological response to stress. My Artwork explores how the flight and fight response can be empowering and protective. Using animal and natural metaphors of flight (butterflies, birds, cocoons etc.) and fight (beetles, crustaceans, claws etc.), I create Art that reflects issues about self preservation, transformation, inspiration, life cycles and life choices. Along with the physical work, I infuse triggers and prompts in the work to invite viewers to engage and interact with the art works. For example, the Public Art piece, “Let your Dreams Fly”, will be reminiscent of a cocoon, a haven where one gather thoughts and be inspired. It will be constructed out of powder coated steel to withstand the elements. Hanging from the cocoon’s interior canopy will be several butterflies. The bars of metal creating the cocoon will be inscribed with “dreams” collected during before the construction. When inside the viewer will see flying butterflies that burst through the top of the cocoon sending an image of hope and inspiration. Prior to the fabrication of the piece, a public workshop will invite the community to share “dreams” that will be inscribed on the interior and help color the butterflies used in the piece. 

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